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August 28, 2013
Dear BID Members:


The last few construction updates have mentioned the “behind the scenes” work that is happening for Phase 2. Without work actually happening on site, I understand that it is hard to believe that Phase 2 has actually started.   


Tonight, at the Downtown Ithaca Alliance’s Networking and Information Update Reception, 5:30 – 6:30 at Mia’s, Project Manager, Michael Kuo, will provide an update regarding the Project.  Michael and I will both be there to answer questions. Until the gathering tonight, below is a brief update of where the project is at. 


During last week’s test pit excavation work in Bank Alley, Verizon’s concrete encased telecom lines were found running directly above the sanitary pipes that are slated to be replaced in Phase 2. Verizon’s subcontractor, Danella Construction, are now working in Bank Alley to break up the concrete with a jackhammer to access and move the telecommunication lines, so that the installation of the sanitary main can take place.


The test pit excavation near Cayuga Street revealed that the existing 100 year old cast iron pipe is atypical size. As a result of this observation, the Design Team and the contractor worked together to specify and order the appropriately sized tapping sleeve needed to connect the existing main to the new main. Due to this unforeseen delay, the water main work will begin the first week of September rather than this week.


On Tuesday, August 27, 2013, buildings in Bank Alley were experiencing flickering lights and brown outs. This was the result of work NYSEG was doing in another area in downtown, not from the commons Project. Thanks to the merchants who notified us so we could contact NYSEG immediately to clarify what the source was.





Have questions? Contact:


Tammy Baker

Project Outreach Coordinator

Ithaca Commons Repair and Upgrade Project

Rothschild Building

215 E State St, Ground Floor

office: 607.216.8873 (NOTE**office phone number has changed**) 

cell: 607.220.8425 


Tentative Project Schedule is as follows:


Demolition Start 4/15/2013
Utilities and Excavation 7/29/2013
Winter Shut Down 11/27/2013
Construction of New Streetscape 3/1/2014

Project Completion 7/31/2014


Note: All dates subject to change based on changing conditions and weather.

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This is a very positive perspective, and one which reflects a history which provides a greater seed for  which the survival of the Human Race may depend upon.

There are two very important legal documents who are in total agreement; and of which can be verified in the most conservative and liberal courts upon our land of The United States of America.

The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith.

The Constitution of the United States.

The focus of which will be covered in another blog.  Nevertheless, and especially what happened at SUNY @ Stony Brook, the closing on Yom Kippur is the initial step  which further guarantees central personal rights to full discoveries as pedagogical academic mission.

The centrality of Yom Kippur’s personal behavioral impact from the ceremony itself is its remains of its observance.  The emergence of a warm, loving, and giving human being.  Thus at the Jewish Student Union at SUNY @ Buffalo 1972 began a campaign to close SUNY on Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah and achieved success: though a few unreported incidents have politically occurred at Albany concerning this issue alone.  This is only a brief introduction and by the time as additional reports are reported in this blog several surprises will emerge..

Closing Cornell University, Ithaca College and Ithaca High School  on Yom Kippur is the most single instrument of recognition values to which all superstitions about World Jewry are erased from the conscious of both human behavior and future events.  The values implied of what remains by observance in the ceremonies involved…..

A warm. loving, and giving human being.  The single direct ” verified ” answer to … ” Who are the Jewish Peoples? “

Its in the institutions of educations’ pedagogies established missions to secure  students’ rights of personal full discoveries, and  from / for which the bests is demanded of its educators and students alike in a secular covenant to evaluate the beliefs of truths;  and the established institutions upon which the discovery resultant are so based, and organized.  It is by which such covenants are further recognized and all the attentions  involved and are impacted upon  who are in reality are the student community of whom will themselves most benefit from.  Those in the student community who will benefit are those who are not Jewish.  Both the demands of time and calendar observance gives direct importance of what are central truths which represents World Jewry; and all the attentions of all subsequent resulting human behaviors; and most important the resulting intellectual discoveries and interests in ones future of life after education where personal rights are magnified;  and by which life’s aspirations assumes more assurance for the fulfillment  of happiness.

It has been directly observed by both this author, leading educators, and most of all the founders of the United States the universalities of being a warm, loving, and giving human being; and from which represents educations answer in its pedagogy becoming immediately a reality by closing as a formal declaration against the those European social, cultural, religious, economic, and political traditions which emerged into the development of the genocide of European Jewry, known as the Holocaust 1933 – 1945.  Closing is not based upon this tragic event, but is solely base in the impact of discovery by those who are not Jewish of what is World Jewry’s conscious choice in human behavior and from which emerges out of central united beliefs between both Jewish and Non-Jewish academic pedagogies; and the more positive aspect in promoting their further interests in their own personal discovery of ones self.

It is in the historic struggle of the efforts of those who have founded The United States and all those who have maintain the covenants they established that the centrality of being a united peoples are based by humility.  That power is not based upon divine rights, but is ones own personal beliefs on – going development and its emotional and logical impact in committing ones consent; and all the subsequent impact of legal behavior and actions thereof by their consent and actions, ie. voting.

The single standard bearer of Yom Kippur in its observing covenants, a central universality cognition that humankind survival is based  upon each person’s actions taken by being a warm, loving, and giving human being  The efforts of the founders of both the Constitution of the United States and the nation it covenanted of its namesake stands as the single revolution against the European tradition; their dedication to the principle of human rights are not based upon the divine rights of kings, nor of the state, or nation but upon the single purpose of the individuals rights to full personal discoveries; and from which personal rights to consent by elections, and juries are all implied in doctrinaire of the United States Constitution; this the seed of the nations humility and the centralities of rights in our united beliefs.

It is by such course of recognition of action. closings, by which the core of Jewish beliefs whether be spiritual observances, or by those who are secularists/ atheist  in their observance are fully recognized by which directly gives a positive answer to wit  the peoples of the United States rejects the social, religious, cultural, economic. and political components of the European tradition which gave support to the Genocide of European Jewry.  The resulting emotional and behavioral impact actually destroys the duality competing personalities sufferance which a significant portion of American Jewry have exhibited.  Am I Jewish first, and then American second or it is visa versa?  The image by which Yom Kippur sets a central conscious personal dedication of World Jewry likewise are, then, likewise, covenanted, and thereby are able to further their common resolve of personal discoveries of standing within its positive Jewish personal answers against the Anti – Jewish Superstitions  which gave rise to the Holocaust.  That in personal fulfillment of observance of Yom Kippur, in being a warm, loving, and giving human being the natural human character of both Jewish and those who are not Jewish stands united in the further personal human resolved discovery that Righteousness is innate in the human character.  IE. Thus the German International Community can be so embraced by such observances themselves in a historic transformation, and where by the answer itself modifies the German civilization now under reconstruction in an emerging United Germany.

Thus in its most simple terms the Jewish experience is fully exposed for which being a warm, loving, and giving human being creates more fulfilling relationship within the student core of students and from which their attentions are more fully focused upon how they decide are their own personal rights in forming human relations.

Here in Ithaca, New York Cornell University, Ithaca College, and Ithaca High School should close on Yom Kippur, and at Cornell University Rosh Hashanah as well.

Mr, Roger M.  Christian


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Ithaca, NY, April 17, 2013: To share information and promote two-way communication about the proposed 2013-2014 ICSD budget, Superintendent Dr. Luvelle Brown will be hosting a Tele-Town Hall on April 24th, 2013 at 7:00 pm. Every home in the district will receive a phone call inviting them to join the live conference call. They will have the option to simply listen to the discussion or be put into a queue to have their budget questions answered by Dr. Brown and members of the Board of Education.
Members of the community can also join this Tele-Town Hall by dialing the following toll free number: 1-855-246-7045 Ext.21302. If you would like to join the budget conversation on twitter at anytime please use #ICSDbudget.
The Ithaca City School District mission is to engage, educate, and empower. We will strive to engage all students in the importance and relevance of thinking; to educate every learner to communicate, comprehend, and collaborate for understanding; and to empower all in the ICSD to achieve academic excellence.
We envision a bold community of 6,000+ Thinkers. Thinking is foundational to the development of self, society, and democracy. It is the cornerstone of all creative ideas; problem solving; scientific discoveries, innovations and social good.      
For more information please log onto http://www.icsd.k12.ny.us/.

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IIthaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY – Your local entertainment guide.

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Will someone from Ithaca will be standing here?

Will someone from Ithaca will be standing here?

Generation and now generation of Ithacans have not sent an Ithaca representitive to the Miss New York State contest component of the overall Miss America, or Miss USA contests.

This has had negative economic affects upon Ithaca’s development, as there are those within the New York State and other regions who are aware of why this has not happen. They have decided this is one of an increasing longer list of why there has not been major economic development within Ithaca / Tompkins county.
There are other more formal factors. All of which indicates that a Miss Ithaca Contest is crucial in creating a more positive image which Ithaca presents of itself which in turns favors development.
Mr. Roger M. Christian

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Ithaca Impact: Ithaca’s Business Community News scope and objective.

Item One: Perceptions:

The ability of a city to developed a warm and hospitality social and cultural climate was the first thing that I was educated about business while I was growing up in Miami, Florida.   Then tourism was our basic trade, and as such favorite sons and daughters we both had to learn this important fact about hospitality and the ability for a community to create a tourism draw on both a National and International scale.

Ithaca's Nightlife; warm welcome and safe too!

Ithaca's Nightlife; warm welcome and safe too!

Thus the above photo indicates the visual presentation in which to best to present.

None the less, a more serious and more fundemental focus is likewise necessary to develop between business owners.  This is centrally reflected in the Ithaca Impact: Ithaca’s Business Community News WebSite.  Here items of both  business concerns as well as future future markets are fully explored from basic local conditions reported within the economic dynamics of how higher education impacts [ in real economic terms ] the local Ithaca / Tompkins county economy. This was conducted by Cornell University.

Thus both the image as in the photo above, and the WebSite which came next you then have a clear indication of how to established connections on the InterNet.

Its is what the recent Economic Impact Study conducted by Cornell University which indicates the real economic consequences by applied sales [ in academic services ] in which future images [ denoting the positive sales picture ]are likewise necessary for future economic growth, and thus the following denoting ” Danzing in the Street ” photo – program which was conducted in the last three years on Tuesdays when it is warm on The Ithaca Commons.

Dancing in the Streets event.

Dancing in the Streets event.


This program, initial image [ supporting a positive means in which a youth base culture is safely promoted and organized ] and the foundation draw WebSite: Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY as follows …..

click on: Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY ( Commercial WebSite )

click on: Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY ( Commercial WebSite )


… you now get a full picture in how a tourism promotional is implemented on the InterNet.

Perception and then follow up through the use of the Internet.

Do not hesitate to add, make recommendations, or comments.

May you all find the love in your life in which to quarantee your future happiness.

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Roger M. Christian.

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